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Letter in Irish Times today:

Madam, – I recently discovered that it is against Dublin Bus regulations to sing on the bus. This seems authoritarian and petty. Buses are traditional venues for singing, and personally, I believe my morning commute would be enriched by hearing a fellow passenger lifting his or her voice to express the joys of life. Imagine how much social solidarity (in these difficult times) could be created by sing-alongs between strangers in transit.

Instead of forbidding singing on the bus, Dublin Bus should encourage it. It might also redirect its disapprobation towards the pot-smoking, ghetto-blaster-playing faction who often occupy the upstairs back seats on the 13 and 13A buses.

– Yours, etc,

MAOLSHEACHLANN O CEALLAIGH, Sillogue Gardens, Ballymun, Dublin 11.

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If not ever.

Twitter cannot be allowed to operate outside the law

"Facebook and Twitter must be reeled in," froths Richard Hillgrove, business and political public relations consultant and safari hat fan. "Clearly, they are going to have to introduce a delay mechanism so that content can be checked before it goes up." 

I'd love to know how he thinks this might be implemented. Twitter has on average 3,440 tweets per second.  206,400 per minute. 1,238,4000 per hour.  Presumably someone has to check them all to make sure they're not breaking any super-injunction laws? 

I think this comment sums it up:

"Ah, I see the Guardian is up to it's old trick: get some random troll to write a completely outrageous and ill thought out piece of dickishness, and watch the site traffic go up as news of the dickishness spreads and many people feel compelled to comment.

Damn, I've fallen for it, haven't I?"


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