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'I went into the outer counting-house to speak to Mr. Banks, and there I saw the prisoner standing with these two hunting-whips in his hands (produced, one had an iron hammer for the handle)—he held the cane-handled one towards me, and said, "Take that"
I said, "Why am I to take it?"
He said, "You take it"
I said, "I shall do nothing of the kind"

He walked out of the counting-house with the iron-handled whip in his hand, and walked a few yards from my gig which was standing at the door—I saw him wrap the thong round his hand, so as to make it quite tight—the lash was twisted round his hand—I waited some time by the door—I could hardly believe his assaulting me is my state of health, and I waited some minutes to give him time to reflect—I then proceeded towards my gig, and as I was about to step into it, I felt several blows on my back and shoulders from behind—I had nothing is my hand to defend myself with—after he had struck me several times, I turned round and put my hands up to my head—Mr. Banks came, caught him round his waist, pulled him away, and said, "Good God! Harvey are you mad"—the prisoner dashed Mr. Banks away, as if he had been a child—he seemed very much out of breath, and leaned against the front of the counting-house with the whip in his hand—I said, "You will have to account for this"
He said, "Yes, I know I shall have to pay for it, and I am d—d if I do not give it you; you accused me of stealing your pencil-case"'

(The witness, on attempting to leave the box, suddenly fell, and died on the floor of the Court almost immediately.)

Must have been a pretty snazzy pencil case.

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i am also O.O ing at the fact that it was all too much for the witness!


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